01 LP1

01 Heaven Sent
02 Crush Me
03 Angelica
04 Good Times
05 The Clouds Are All The Same
06 Starry Starry Seas
07 Arching Heart
08 Shining Glory
09 The Touch
10 Porpoise
11 The Bomb Was Brighter Than The Stars
12 The Smallest Part

In the spring of 1995, an idea was hatched to create a musical entity that would be faceless, nameless, and just have a word that you could associate with it. The music itself would just be…this word, this idea, and no personalities or egos would shine brighter than it.

This impossible idea was attempted by a group of friends and comrades-in-arms, starting sometime in 1997. The release of this record in July of 2000 was the result of that attempt. While the purity of the original concept was difficult to uphold, the way in which it was conducted was as close as we could get.

Songs were born from long, free-form jams. Tiny sections of greatness, that were only possible from the interaction of people in a spontaneous situation, were captured on cassette and developed into arrangements. Official recording commenced in December of 1999, and lasted for a few, or more, months. While the original idea was to have multiple lead singers, so as not to tie the sound of CUSH to the voice of just one person, it went so well with one person, we decided to just go for it.

Contribution to the songs came from everyone who was around. All ideas were welcome, although, maybe not heard too clearly. However, as the original rules dictated, people gave openly and willingly to the cause of just making a great record. A cause we could all stand behind.

We lost Gene halfway through the recording. The night he died was the day he had composed and recorded the string parts for “Starry Starry Seas”. Colbert brought us home. There weren’t many fights, but maybe there should have been more. The record is long-winded, but it is hard to decide which songs should have been cut. If you read the lyrics, you can tell very well what we as a group of people were going through at that point in our lives.

The original artwork intended to show a bright, light attitude. We were trying to have fun. We played shows in the summer and fall, and into the next spring. They became painfully less and less fun, though. Almost every single one of them is caught on camera, so, you can judge for yourself.

Early on, this record accidentally received the name ‘New Sound’, from a retailer or reviewer. That was never it’s given name, it was simply titled ‘CUSH’. We ourselves nicknamed it ‘Skier’, because of the original artwork. It is now referred to here as ‘LP1’.